Jason Weaver's Stock Ratings

Jones Trading Analyst

Jason Weaver is an analyst at Jones Trading. Analyst ratings are quantitative and qualitative analysis of a stock by Wall Street stock rating analysts. Stock ratings consist of expected future growth, current stock valuation and macroeconomic trends. Updated 05/29/2024

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05/16/2024GHIBuy Now
Greystone Housing Impact
$15.0016.67%$17.5 → $17.5MaintainsBuyGet Alert
05/10/2024GHIBuy Now
Greystone Housing Impact
$15.0016.67%$20 → $17.5MaintainsBuyGet Alert
05/06/2024CTOBuy Now
CTO Realty Growth
$17.488.7%$21 → $19MaintainsBuyGet Alert
05/03/2024MITTBuy Now
AG Mortgage IT
$6.6520.3%$8 → $8MaintainsBuyGet Alert
04/30/2024SEVNBuy Now
Seven Hills Realty Trust
$12.4020.97%$15 → $15ReiteratesBuy → BuyGet Alert
04/25/2024NLYBuy Now
Annaly Capital Management
$19.189.49%$21 → $21MaintainsBuyGet Alert
04/23/2024AGNCBuy Now
AGNC Investment
$9.557.33%$10.75 → $10.25MaintainsBuyGet Alert
04/22/2024DXBuy Now
Dynex Cap
$12.0915.8%$14 → $14MaintainsBuyGet Alert
04/19/2024PINEBuy Now
Alpine Income Prop Trust
$15.2518.03%$19 → $18MaintainsBuyGet Alert
04/19/2024EFCBuy Now
Ellington Financial
$12.00Initiates → HoldGet Alert
03/22/2024TWOBuy Now
Two Harbors Inv
$12.45Initiates → HoldGet Alert
02/22/2024SEVNBuy Now
Seven Hills Realty Trust
$12.4020.97% → $15ReiteratesBuy → BuyGet Alert
02/12/2024PINEBuy Now
Alpine Income Prop Trust
$15.2524.59%$20 → $19MaintainsBuyGet Alert
05/05/2023RDFNBuy Now
$6.0515.7% → $7UpgradeSell → NeutralGet Alert
11/10/2022RDFNBuy Now
$6.05-62.81% → $2.25DowngradeNeutral → SellGet Alert
09/19/2022HOUSBuy Now
Anywhere Real Estate
$4.25217.65% → $13.5Reinstates → BuyGet Alert
09/19/2022ZGBuy Now
Zillow Gr
$39.1627.68% → $50Initiates → BuyGet Alert
06/21/2022OPADBuy Now
Offerpad Solutions
$5.65-2.65% → $82.5Initiates → BuyGet Alert
05/25/2022BLNDBuy Now
Blend Labs
$3.0239.07% → $4.2Initiates → NeutralGet Alert
05/25/2022PRCHBuy Now
Porch Group
$2.26408.85% → $11.5Initiates → BuyGet Alert
05/25/2022SMRTBuy Now
$2.52217.46% → $8Initiates → BuyGet Alert
05/25/2022DOMABuy Now
Doma Holdings
$6.00-66.67% → $50Initiates → NeutralGet Alert
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