WM Tech
At close: Jun 13
After Hours: 7:45PM EDT

WM Tech Stock (NASDAQ:MAPS), Insider Trading Activity

WM Tech: Insider buying and selling updated today.

Insider Shares Owned
Insider Percentage Owned
Institutional Shares Held
Institutional Percentage Held
Jun 11, 2024Duncan GrazierCHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER-35.272K$0.98-$34.55KSELL-4.83%694.654KJun 07View
Jun 11, 2024Brian CamireGENERAL COUNSEL-70.851K$0.98-$69.40KSELL-9.23%696.718KJun 07View
Mar 13, 2024ANTHONY BAY-6.676K$0.88-$5.87KSELL-1.39%472.828KMar 11View
Feb 21, 2024Brian CamireGENERAL COUNSEL-44.189K$0.94-$41.55KSELL-5.87%708.975KFeb 16View
Feb 21, 2024Duncan GrazierCHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER-39.382K$0.94-$37.03KSELL-5.12%729.926KFeb 16View
Nov 20, 2023Duncan GrazierCHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER-35.967K$0.88-$31.68KSELL-4.47%769.308KNov 16View
Nov 20, 2023Brian CamireGENERAL COUNSEL-46.261K$0.88-$40.68KSELL-5.79%753.164KNov 16View
Sep 13, 2023Anthony BayDIRECTOR-20.024K$1.63-$32.65KSELL-5.83%323.254KSep 11View
Sep 13, 2023Olga GonzalesDIRECTOR-20.636K$1.55-$31.91KSELL-6.93%277.125KSep 12View
Sep 11, 2023Fiona TanDIRECTOR-25.948K$1.44-$37.44KSELL-8.71%271.813KSep 07View
Sep 11, 2023Scott GordonDIRECTOR-25.794K$1.43-$36.93KSELL-6.42%376.262KSep 07View
Sep 11, 2023Brenda FreemanDIRECTOR-20.634K$1.43-$29.53KSELL-6.93%277.127KSep 07View
Aug 18, 2023Brian CamireGENERAL COUNSEL-9.807K$1.10-$10.79KSELL-6.38%143.957KAug 16View
Aug 18, 2023Randa McMinnCHIEF MARKETING OFFICER-53.916K$1.10-$59.40KSELL-12.54%376.191KAug 16View
May 18, 2023Brian CamireGENERAL COUNSEL-9.957K$0.83-$8.25KSELL-6.08%153.764KMay 16View
May 18, 2023Arden LeeCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-27.043K$0.83-$22.39KSELL-5.71%446.283KMay 16View
May 18, 2023Duncan GrazierCHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER-4.331K$0.83-$3.59KSELL-3.71%112.307KMay 16View
Feb 23, 2023Duncan GrazierCHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER-3.52K$1.15-$4.05KSELL-2.93%116.638KFeb 21View
Feb 23, 2023Brian CamireGENERAL COUNSEL-8.244K$1.15-$9.48KSELL-4.79%163.721KFeb 21View
Feb 23, 2023Arden LeeCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-22.29K$1.35-$30.00KSELL-4.50%473.326KFeb 21View
Nov 21, 2022Juan Jose Feijoo-OsorioCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-42.713K$1.20-$51.17KSELL-11.13%340.889KNov 17View
Nov 21, 2022Justin DeanCTO AND CIO-26.977K$1.20-$32.39KSELL-9.64%252.857KNov 17View
Nov 21, 2022Arden LeeCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-28.977K$1.20-$34.69KSELL-5.52%495.616KNov 17View
Nov 21, 2022Brian CamireGENERAL COUNSEL-28.716K$1.21-$34.73KSELL-14.31%171.965KNov 17View
Aug 24, 2022Brian CamireGENERAL COUNSEL-12.25K$2.65-$32.48KSELL-5.75%200.681KAug 23View
Aug 24, 2022Arden LeeCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-27.876K$2.65-$73.91KSELL-5.05%524.593KAug 23View
Aug 24, 2022Juan Jose Feijoo-OsorioCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-28.174K$2.65-$74.70KSELL-6.84%383.602KAug 23View
Aug 24, 2022Justin DeanCTO AND CIO-17.836K$2.65-$47.29KSELL-5.99%279.834KAug 23View
Aug 24, 2022Christopher BealsCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER-45.655K$2.65-$121.05KSELL-0.66%6.823457MAug 23View
Jun 21, 2022Justin HartfieldGhost Media Group LLCWM Founders Legacy II LLCDIRECTOR31.4K$4.66-$47.07KGRANT1.95%1.642732MJun 16 - Jun 21View



Is Insider trading legal?

Insider trading is legal so long as the insiders report those trades to the SEC. Illegal securities trading occurs when the insider is violating a fiduciary duty or fails to report their trades.

What are some examples of market manipulation?

Insider trading, pump and dump schemes, front running and wash trades are all examples of market manipulation. Investors who track insider asset movement should think carefully about why these insiders are trading their stocks before moving forward.

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